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Our client Nevada has completed 2 Fraxel treatments on her face, neck and chest to treat pigmentation, fine lines and textural changes from years of unprotected sun exposure. She blogs about her experience and incredible transformation.

“I was intrigued with Fraxel after seeing the results a friend achieved with it.

I had a few prominent pigmented areas on my face that made me feel self conscious and “old” so I began to seriously consider this as a treatment option.

I was always searching for a magic skin cream or foundation that would hide the sun damage to my skin however I hate wearing foundation and they all tended to make the pigment look worse and were expensive.

I then had a couple questionable spots removed from my upper chest that could have changed into skin cancer had they been left.

That was the moment I decided to have my first Fraxel treatment.

I found the treatment itself to be very comfortable. At most, I experienced some slight tingling during the treatment.

The first three days post treatment were very tolerable. Day one feels like a sunburn. Day two I experienced some mild swelling. Day three my skin became golden as the pigment seemed to come to the surface and start to slough off.

All in all, by day five I felt totally ready to face the world.”

Before TreatmentAfter Treatment

The difference is clearly visible after two treatments. We recommend a series of three.

I highly recommend Fraxel to anyone who has sun damage and resulting pigmentation. It has also helped my overall tone, pore size and fine lines. It’s been a game changer.

I love my skin and I’m taking better care as a result when I’m exposed to the sun.