About Us

Kamloops Skin Solutions is a Physician directed Skin and Vein Clinic. We’re the only comprehensive vein clinic in Kamloops and offer a wide range of services from diagnostics to treatments.

Our team of skilled professionals work to exceed your expectations. Our vision is to add value to people’s lives through education, healthy lifestyle promotion, and providing proven treatment options. Most importantly, we set ourselves apart through excellence in patient care. We value lasting relationships with our clients and are committed to continually bettering ourselves, professionally.

Our Philosophy

At Kamloops Skin Solutions we foster a culture of honesty, best practice, and excellence. We believe in providing advanced techniques and services that are safe, and clinically proven. Our commitment is to natural results, embracing subtlety and elegance without compromising on quality. We focus on patient education and developing relationships based on trust.


We work to create a supportive, nurturing environment in which we are able to optimize your health and beauty. This includes addressing all issues and customizing treatment plans to achieve each patient’s unique goals.

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