VenaCure EVLT

EVLT is an abbreviation for Endovenous Laser Therapy. This is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure, which uses laser energy to ablate specific abnormal (varicose) veins in the leg. This is the least invasive and most successful procedure for treatment of abnormal truncal veins”. A duplex ultrasound is performed to determine candidacy. This option may not be appropriate for every patient due to vein position and anatomy.

Thrilled with the Outcome

This treatment has made a difference in my life because I don’t have the aches in my legs and of course the bulging veins. I was really thrilled with the outcome!



  • Immediate improvement in appearance and symptoms
  • Procedure performed in-clinic under local anesthesia
  • 98% Success rate
  • Minimal scarring

How It Works

The procedure uses a small laser fiber that is positioned inside the abnormal vein using ultrasound guidance sealing the vein closed. The blood is immediately rerouted to other healthy, functioning veins. The treated vein is then absorbed over a period of weeks to months.

What To Expect

Upon arrival to our accredited surgical facility, you will be greeted by our Registered Nurse who will complete your intake forms and give you a mild sedative to ensure your comfort. The procedure takes approximately 1 hour and is virtually painless. You will be able to walk out of our clinic with immediate improvement of symptoms. A follow-up appointment will be scheduled to ultrasound the leg in 72 hours.

Recommended Sessions

One treatment per affected vein is all that is required. There may be smaller branches remaining that would be treated with sclerotherapy after the procedure.

Possible Downtime

There is minimal to no downtime. One may resume all normal daily activities. There may be bruising and mild aching for 1-2 weeks. Any discomfort should resolve with an anti inflammatory or mild pain reliever.

Post Procedure

You will be required to wear 30 – 40 mmHg compression stockings for 1 week after the procedure. You are encouraged to improve lifestyle factors to aid in the prevention of the progression of venous disease.

Lifestyle Improvements

  • Wear 20 – 30 mmHg compression stockings
  • Exercise regularly and maintain BMI within healthy range
  • Drink lots of water
VenaCure EVLT

Before and after treatment