Radiesse – Skin Tightening

Hyper diluting Radiesse and injecting it superficially under aging skin, stimulates collagen and elastin production. This will tighten lax skin in areas where other treatments and no amount of exercise will correct. It will improve skin tone, laxity, cellulite induced irregularities and sagging.

Radiesse (Ca HA – Calcium Hydroxyapatite) was licensed by Health Canada in 2005 as a dermal filler to correct moderate to severe wrinkles and soft tissue volume loss.

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Radiesse is a unique product that has two properties;

  1. Volume replacement (dermal filler)
  2. Stimulates collagen production

Treatment can be used in combination with volume augmentation, laser resurfacing and other modalities for optimal results.

You can treat many areas including;

  • Upper inner arms
  • Thighs & buttocks
  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Mid and lower face
  • Abdomen
  • Knees

How it Works

When hyper-diluted and injected superficially under aging skin, it acts as a bio-stimulatory agent, rather than volumizing. The injected microspheres are progressively replaced with collagen and elastin. This starts as early as 4 weeks after injection, with highest deposition of new collagen at 4 months and stability at 9 months. Effects are still noticeable at 18 months.  Visibly there is general skin tightening, with progressive, natural dermal thickening (as much as 50% at 3 months). Fine line, crepiness, and laxity are reduced. The tone, elasticity and pliability of skin is markedly improved. Ultimately there is long term tissue remodeling and dermal rejuvenation.

What to Expect

Once the filler is placed, patients can expect some numbness, much like the dentist, as there is Lidocaine in the products for added comfort. There may be mild bruising, tenderness and swelling, all of which subside quickly.

We recommend 2 treatments initially, one month apart, then maintenance of one treatment every 12 months.


Progressive improvement is noticeable at 2 months and continues over the next 6 months. Effects can still noticeable at 18 months post treatment.

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