Latisse® For Lashes

Women are constantly looking for ways to enhance the appearance of eyes by darkening and lengthening lashes. Age, hormonal changes and medication can affect the growth cycle of eyebrows and lashes. Latisse® is a prescription growth enhancer for eyelashes.


  • Can darken, lengthen, and thicken your natural lashes.
  • Safe and easy to apply.
  • Once results are achieved, recommend maintenance program.

How It Works

The product is applied topically along the upper lid once daily for 8 – 16 weeks. Latisse ® prolongs the anagen (active cycle) growth phase of the eyelashes.


Visible results in a little as 8 weeks, with full effect in 12 – 16 weeks. Individual results may vary. 78% of women documented longer, fuller, darker lashes.


Unusual but possible side effects include eye irritation, skin darkening and iris pigmentation. Please consult your physician if you have glaucoma.

Slide for Before and After