Rewriting the history written on the surface of my skin

All my life, despite using expensive skin care products and prescribed medications, I fought acne and scars. So, I decided to have two popular aesthetic skin treatments offered by Kamloops Skin Solutions: Fraxel and Secret RF – microneedling with Radiofrequency. My goal was to achieve the fresh and smooth skin that I always wanted.

Here is my personal experience with these two procedures.

My first treatment was with Fraxel. Although there is a numbing cream applied prior to the treatment, I did feel some discomfort induced by the heat of the laser. After the treatment my skin was pink to reddish in colour for about 4 days. However, any discomfort did not last past the treatment itself.

The results from the course of 4 Fraxel treatments were truly amazing! It changed my skin texture and corrected the pigmentation due to sun exposure and aging. I am a triathlete and do get UV exposure despite carefully applying sunscreens.

The Secret RF treatment was virtually painless. The microneedling device punctures the skin very quickly. The treatment gave a soft pink shade to the skin on my face. The following day everything was mostly back to normal. There was no peeling or sensitivity after the microneedling treatment.

The Secret microneedling tightened my skin and gave me that young and healthier vibe by fading wrinkles and scars. As of now, I have completed 2 of 4 planned treatments.

I am truly happy with both treatments and I can say, without reservation, that it was all worth it!

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