Beyond Breast Cancer* is a program offered to anyone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer and completed active treatment.

We understand that a breast cancer diagnosis is a life changing event that does not end once treatment is completed. Survivorship is the next phase, and it is different for everyone.

Early in her career as a general surgeon who treated many breast cancer patients, Dr. Leia-Stephen recognized that following treatment, breast cancer patients often had gaps in the services and supports they needed.

This program is intended to close those gaps and offer support to patients once they’ve been released from their cancer care team.

The Survivorship Program offers:

  • Providing follow-up care including physical examinations and appropriate imaging

  • Understanding and managing the side effects of cancer treatment

  • Addressing and supporting chronic anxiety and depression

  • Managing fear of recurrence

  • Providing support to help manage lifestyle changes to prevent recurrence

  • Exploring the role of spirituality in recovery

  • Managing menopausal symptoms

  • Providing referrals to other specialists as required (especially if patient has no GP

  • Providing community resources when needed

To access these services, simply contact our office:

*Beyond Breast Cancer Society

To register to access our Breast Cancer Survivorship program, and receive care from Dr. Maureen Leia-Stephen, you are required to complete this Patient Registration Form either online or downloaded and completed at home then submitted to our office.

Survivorship Speaker Series

As part of Beyond Breast Cancer Society, we also offer a “Speaker Series”. These 2-hour presentations cover various topics relevant to survivors and their support persons and consist of education, resources, and question periods. Often, a specialist in the area of discussion is a presenter.

The Speaker Series is open to anyone in the community and is not limited to survivorship patients. All attendees are asked to register for the event at no cost.

If you would like to be on our email list to be notified of an upcoming survivorship presentation, let us know by filling out the form, below.

Contact the Breast Cancer Survivorship Program or sign up for the Survivorship Speaker Series

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