Thermage CPT holds the title as global leader in non-surgical skin tightening. It’s a safe, non-invasive radio frequency (RF) treatment that redefines facial contours, tightens collagen and lax skin on all body areas.

Learn how Thermage remodels collagen to tighten skin and improve tone and texture anywhere on the body. Thermage Eyes can be used specifically to treat skin laxity around upper and lower eyes.

Dr. Leia-Stephen describes the benefits of Thermage and specifically Thermage Eyes with answers to the most commonly asked questions about this treatment.


  • Can treat all body areas including over eyelids
  • Promotes rebuilding and remodeling of collagen fibers
  • Results are progressive improving over 3-6 months
  • No downtime

What to Expect

Each treatment averages two hours in length, or in combination with laser such as Fraxel (ThermaFrax), it may take longer. Most patients describe a gradual warming of the treatment areas with occasional uncomfortable spot here and there. Immediately after treatment, there is no redness or swelling and makeup can be applied immediately and there is no restrictions regarding activity or sun exposure.

You will continue to notice subtle tightening of the treated areas for up to 6 months.

Recommended Sessions

1 – 2 per year depending on age and severity of laxity.