The Best Ways to Treat Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Since the beginning of time, people have been selling ‘beauty’ in a bottle. From skincare products to various treatment technologies, there are now so many options promising guaranteed results that it is difficult to sort out which options are best for you.

Think about what you are trying to achieve. Are you looking for a nice moisturizer or are you wanting some skin tightening and correction of fine lines and wrinkles?

Before going any further, it is important to understand the layers of your skin.

Layers of Skin Demonstrating Depth of Specific Treatments

Layers of the Skin with Treatment Depths

The top layer of skin that you see is called the Epidermis. It is made up of multiple layers of flattened cells and provides your body with a protective barrier. The outermost layer of the epidermis continually sheds or is exfoliated. It is this layer that skin products, facials, and home therapies target. At the base of the epidermis are cells called melanocytes that make melanin or pigment, and give skin its colour.

The Dermis is the middle layer of skin and it has two parts, the Superficial or Papillary Layer and the Reticular Layer. The papillary layer is just under the epidermis. It supplies nutrients to the epidermal layer and regulates body temperature. The deeper, reticular layer, is tougher. It strengthens the skin and provides it with elasticity. The reticular layer contains hair follicles, sweat glands, sebaceous glands, lymphatics, and nerve endings. It is the layer that has collagen bundles and elastin. This gives the skin strength and flexibility. The cells that make collagen and elastin are called fibroblasts.

Beneath the dermis is the Hypodermis or Subcutaneous Layer. It consists of a network of collagen and fat cells. It helps to conserve the body’s heat and acts as a “shock absorber” to protect the body from injury.

So, if you are just looking for a “freshen up” — targeting the epidermis with home therapies or spa facials can do that. However, if you want structural change, increased collagen, increased elastin, skin tightening, and the improvement of fine lines and wrinkles, you must target the dermis or hypodermis.

Now let us unpack your best treatment options based on how deep they go!

Home Therapies

There are many things that you can do from the comfort of your home to improve the look and quality of your sin. They will provide resurfacing of the superficial layer of the skin, the epidermis. Examples include dermarolling, facials, and over-the-counter chemical peels which can be done on a weekly basis.

One of the most effective home therapies is Retinol (Vitamin A). It is a well-researched healthy skin essential. Retinol upregulates the cell turnover cycle in the epidermis which then promotes the growth of collagen and elastin. It also regulates melanin production reducing pigmentation of the skin. If you experience hormonal acne, it reduces pore size and pore-clogging. Retinol penetrates the epidermis and slightly into the dermis. Over time, there will be an improvement of overall skin texture and tone, as well as minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Consistent use is important. Real change is noticeable at 6 months.

Professional Therapies

To Significantly Improve the Structure of Skin, You Need to Go Deeper

There are a number of professional treatments using a variety of technologies that penetrate into the dermis. They essentially create a controlled wound in the skin which then triggers a wound healing response. This ultimately stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin.

Professional Chemical Peels: Professional chemical peels use concentrated acid solutions to resurface the skin. Depending on the strength and formulation of the peel, skin resurfacing will affect the epidermis or penetrate the dermis. They can target fine lines, discoloration, congested pores, uneven skin tone, and texture. They accelerate the natural cell turnover by breaking down the bonds that bind dead skin cells together, revealing the healthier skin cells underneath.

Microneedling: Microneedling is a treatment that creates millions of microscopic punctures at precise depths in the epidermal and dermal layers. Not only does the treatment trigger the wound healing response but it allows transdermal passage of molecules that would otherwise be too large to be absorbed. Topical serums such as Hyaluronic Acid, used during treatment, penetrate deeper into the skin through microchannels created by the needles. Skin may look a bit red for a day or two but is otherwise easy to tolerate and appropriate for any time of year.

Microneedling with Fractional Radiofrequency (RF) — i.e. Secret RF: This is a new, innovative technology combining microrneedling with fractional radiofrequency (RF). As the needles penetrate the skin, the radiofrequency current is released from the needle tips. This creates thermal (heat) zones in the dermis without damaging the epidermis or upper layer of skin. The treatment can be customized to penetrate various depths of the skin. By adding the radiofrequency, it amplifies collagen and elastin production, making it a great treatment option for fine lines, deeper wrinkles, scars, and stretch marks. There is minimal downtime, and it is a safe treatment for people of all skin types. It can also be done closer around the eyes. Sun protection is not necessary.

Laser Resurfacing — i.e. Fraxel Dual: This type of technology uses microscopic laser columns to penetrate the epidermis and dermis. lasers can be set to target pigment, scars, and vascular abnormalities, in addition to ramping up collagen production. It is the best treatment for pigmentation or significant acne scarring. With lasers, expect a few days of downtime with redness, swelling, bronzing, and/or peeling.

Radiofrequency — i.e. Thermage: This non-invasive technology uses monopolar radiofrequency energy to safely heat the deeper layers of the dermis and hypodermis, triggering a controlled wound healing response. There is progressive tightening over a six-month period with improvements lasting up to two years, depending on age and severity of skin laxity. The result is a deeper tightening, and contouring of the skin. It is a single treatment with no downtime.

Thermage Eyes: With all the benefits of Thermage, this is the best non-invasive treatment for hooding and tightening of the skin around the eye. Small shields are used to protect the eye which allows for treatment of the upper and lower eyelid.

Radiesse Hyper Dilute: Radiesse is a dermal filler that when diluted, acts as a biostimulator. When it is injected beneath the dermis, it creates a scaffold or framework, and then it stimulates collagen and elastin production. Following treatment, you can expect general skin tightening, natural dermal thickening, and the improvement of fine lines and crepiness over the next six months. There is no downtime and the effects are still noticeable at 18 months post-treatment.

In summary, it’s the collagen and elastin in the dermal layer that gives the skin structure, tone, and elasticity. AS we age, we lost 1% collagen per year starting at age 25. To correct that progressive breakdown, a treatment targeting that deeper layer must be performed. And like any self care, it should be maintained.

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Now is the ideal time to treat sun damaged skin

Summer is only 98 days away!

Our client Nevada has completed 2 Fraxel treatments on her face, neck and chest to treat pigmentation, fine lines and textural changes from years of unprotected sun exposure. She blogs about her experience and incredible transformation.

“I was intrigued with Fraxel after seeing the results a friend achieved with it.

I had a few prominent pigmented areas on my face that made me feel self conscious and “old” so I began to seriously consider this as a treatment option.

I was always searching for a magic skin cream or foundation that would hide the sun damage to my skin however I hate wearing foundation and they all tended to make the pigment look worse and were expensive.

I then had a couple questionable spots removed from my upper chest that could have changed into skin cancer had they been left.

That was the moment I decided to have my first Fraxel treatment.

I found the treatment itself to be very comfortable. At most, I experienced some slight tingling during the treatment.

The first three days post treatment were very tolerable. Day one feels like a sunburn. Day two I experienced some mild swelling. Day three my skin became golden as the pigment seemed to come to the surface and start to slough off.

All in all, by day five I felt totally ready to face the world.”

Before TreatmentAfter Treatment

The difference is clearly visible after two treatments. We recommend a series of three.

I highly recommend Fraxel to anyone who has sun damage and resulting pigmentation. It has also helped my overall tone, pore size and fine lines. It’s been a game changer.

I love my skin and I’m taking better care as a result when I’m exposed to the sun.

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Introducing Secret RF

A Novel Fractional Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling System

The Secret RF is the latest technology in “Collagen Induction Therapies” (CIT). This device is designed to stimulate and remodel collagen and address the common signs of aging.

It’s a combination of microneedling with fractional radiofrequency. This non-invasive, high-tech computerized device created micro punctures in the skin, then delivers precisely controlled heat (energy) into the deeper layers, stimulating collagen growth and remodelling, ultimately firming the skin. The SYNERGISTIC effect of using two treatments simultaneously created a more dramatic response. It will improve mild wrinkles, reduce stretch marks, diminish scars and improve skin tone and texture on both the face and body.

Treatments are usually completed in less than 2 hours; 1 hour dedicated to application of a topical anesthetic and approximately 30 minutes for the therapeutic process. Patients report minimal discomfort during treatment and limited downtime, averaging 1-2 days.

These radiofrequency microneedling treatments are especially effective for treatment of lines around the mouth and eyes (crows feet), sun damage and post acne scarring / pigmentation.

Kamloops Skin Solutions offers the latest in safe and effective therapeutic applications to achieve your health and aesthetic goals. Under the direction of Dr. Maureen Leia-Stephen, it now also offers Secret RF radiofrequency microneedling.

According to Dr. Leia-Stephen, this unique equipment maximizes both service and results for her patients. “We see an increasing number of patients looking for ways to revitalize what aging and sun exposure has done to their skin. While their conditions are common, each patient is unique. Because this new microneedling equipment is so versatile and so precise, we can customize our dermal revitalization treatments to our patient’s unique concerns, events in their lives, time of year and budget.”

Secret RF Microneedling System – NEW at Kamloops Skin Solutions!

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What is Pre-Juvination and How to Achieve it?

Shifting perspective related to aging and skin

By Dr. Maureen Leia-Stephen

I often think about the difference between Eastern and Western Traditions. The Japanese esthetic is a lifelong passion for ritualistic wellbeing and beauty. It is about prevention; proactive and pre-emptive strategies to enhance inner beauty and recognition of  the importance of inner peace and enriched lifestyle. When it comes to beauty, what North Americans consider luxury, Koreans consider maintenance. Facials are a part of their daily routine.

Our Western esthetic is to be casual about our skin and lifestyle. Unfortunately, we embrace tanning, alcohol, poor diet, and lack of sleep. We have a tendency to wait until the signs of aging are significant and then search for corrective strategies. At that point the treatments required will often be much more extensive.  Some skin changes may already be irreversible or “precancerous.”

The earlier you begin taking care of your skin, addressing the early signs of aging as they present – or even better, pre-empting them — the less corrective measures you will ultimately need.

Pre-Juvination means starting treatment before aging is evident and it is something most North American’s should be making part of our ritual.  It is about shifting our perspective and habits related to aging and skin.

Step 1: Create a Skin Routine!  Make skin your focus if you want to look naturally radiant. This means developing a daily ritual for cleansing, correcting, and protecting.  Find a good medical grade line of skin care products. Meet with a professional for a skin analysis to determine which products are best for your skin type. Use corrective ingredients (i.e. If you have pigment, something to lighten it. If you have acne, something to decongest.) Incorporate vitamin C and retinol into your daily routine. Most importantly, if you do nothing else, use a sun block!

Step 2: Address Fine Lines Early! They only get worse with time. Consider collagen induction therapies like laser resurfacing, micro-needling, thermage and neuromodulators like Botox and Xeomin.
Collagen induction therapy uses your body’s own healing response as a bio-stimulator to improve the quality of the skin. Neuromodulators will prevent the facial muscle movements from creating deep, permanent lines in areas that are dynamic.

Step 3: Take Corrective Steps Now.  Use corrective strategies for conditions that may get worse over time, such as Rosacea, Melasma, and Photoaging. Understand that you may need a number of different treatments to address the abnormalities. There are benefits to ‘stacking’ treatments, one on top of the other. The synergistic effect of the combination of treatments is well recognized.  These are the most common:  Thermafrax- Thermage immediately followed by Fraxel, and Microneedling immediately followed with Hyaluronic acid

Step 4 – Your Lifestyle Shows!  Habits like tanning or unprotected sun exposure, smoking, drinking, poor diet, insufficient sleep, and no exercise are what we call extrinsic aging factors.  They all  contribute to the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin and dermis. Modifying your lifestyle by cutting out these types of habits will inevitably help to maintain the collagen and elastin of your skin.

Step 5: Maintain, Maintain, Maintain!  We lose 1% of our collagen per year starting at age 25.  Healthy and vibrant skin requires commitment to a good daily skin routine.  Once you have achieved your desired treatment goals, maintain your skin care program to reverse collagen loss.

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The Truth About Collagen

Separating fact from fiction more important than ever

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, found in bones, muscles, tendons and skin.  It’s what gives our skin its structure.  Unfortunately, like many things over time, Collagen production declines and the collagen we do have breaks down and is depleted.  In fact, we lose approximately 1% of our collagen per year, every year, after the age of 25.  This means the average 50-year-old could experience up to 25% of collagen loss.

Time is not the only enemy, exposure to UV light and smoking increases collagen loss as well.  Sun exposure delivers a double negative to our skin, damaging cells in the epidermal layer as well as increasing the enzymes that denigrate collagen – they are called Metalloproteinases (MMP).  If that were not enough, skin that is sun damaged produces less ‘new’ collagen to replace damaged collagen compared to ‘sun protected’ skin

This is the reason collagen has become a buzzword in so many skin care products and over the counter health supplements in the past few years.  It’s also the reason why separating fact from fiction is more important than ever.

Regardless of your age, the most effective way to safeguard your skin’s structure and appearance is to commit to a good skin care and maintenance program.

Thankfully, there is some plasticity to the aging process. To proactively prevent collagen loss, and reverse past collagen loss; commit to eating a balanced diet, getting plenty of exercise, stop smoking and avoid the sun.  It has been demonstrated that Retinoic Acid (Vitamin A) stimulates collagen production in aged skin.  Topical retinoid improves the appearance of aged and photo damaged skin so it’s worth adding Vitamin A or Retinol to your skin care regimen.

However, if you are looking for other ways to turn back the collagen clock, it is important to know the difference between fact and fiction.

-Collagen skin care products do not add collagen to the skin.  The molecules in these products are too large to penetrate the skin and cannot be absorbed.
-Eating collagen will NOT build collagen.  It is simply just a protein that will be broken down in your stomach and will do nothing for the appearance of your skin.

There are treatment processes referred to as ‘collagen induction therapy’ (CIT).  Essentially these treatments involve creating microinjuries to the skin/dermis whereby the healing process stimulates production of collagen. These include laser resurfacing, microneedling, and radiofrequency.

Fillers such as Radiesse and Scultptra also stimulate collagen growth.

Learn more about collagen treatments available through Kamloops Skin Solutions. Book your consultation today!

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The Aging Neck And Chest

Improve skin quality on the neck and chest

As we age, there is a progressive decrease in skin elasticity causing fine lines and “crepiness”. This may become especially noticeable on certain areas of the body such as the neck and chest.

Often the focus with aging is on the face, yet the neck and chest are areas where the skin is thinner and has fewer oil and sweat glands. This can contribute to a loose appearance. In addition, the neck and chest often get as much sun exposure as the face, potentially contributing to pigmentation damage and redness due to telangiectasias — small, dilated blood vessels near the surface of the skin.

There are a number of non-surgical options to improve the texture and quality of the skin on the neck and chest, available through Kamloops Skin Solutions.

Topical treatments such as Retinol and glycolic acid have been documented in scientific trials to promote exfoliation and renewal of skin cells. This improves the health and overall appearance of the skin.

Non-ablative laser “toning” and “resurfacing” use a variety of technologies that may be applied individually or in combination. At Kamloops Skin Solutions, these include:

Laser Genesis – This fast, effective, 30-minute treatment reduces fine lines and skin laxity with no downtime or discomfort. Optimal results are achieved with six treatments. 

Fraxel ® – Gold standard and a leader in fractionated laser technology for resurfacing, this safe, dual wavelength treatment targets pigmentation, including melasma, in the upper levels of skin and stimulates collagen growth in deeper levels. A series of five treatments completely resurfaces the skin. 

Excel V – Dual laser technology, which targets “redness” due to vascular abnormalities and pigmented lesions.

Dermal Fillers – Similar to treatment of the hands, Radiesse offers immediate, non surgical correction of volume loss, crepiness, fine lines and wrinkles. The dermal filler cushions and hydrates the connective tissue to maintain smoothness of skin and gives a volumizing effect. Over time, it’s also been documented to stimulate collagen production in the treated areas.

Thermage – This treatment utilizes radio-frequency to target collagen deep within the dermis. It tightens existing collagen and induces new collagen production. Results are progressive and most noticeable at 6 months after treatment.

Botox – Injected along the jawline (to redefine the jaw), and into the platysmal bands to smooth the neck.

With many non-surgical options available at Kamloops Skin Solutions, it is most important to consult with our experienced team to determine the best treatment based on patients’ individual preferences and health circumstances.

Learn more by booking a consultation today.

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