A Novel Fractional Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling System

The Secret RF is the latest technology in “Collagen Induction Therapies” (CIT). This device is designed to stimulate and remodel collagen and address the common signs of aging.

It’s a combination of microneedling with fractional radiofrequency. This non-invasive, high-tech computerized device created micro punctures in the skin, then delivers precisely controlled heat (energy) into the deeper layers, stimulating collagen growth and remodelling, ultimately firming the skin. The SYNERGISTIC effect of using two treatments simultaneously created a more dramatic response. It will improve mild wrinkles, reduce stretch marks, diminish scars and improve skin tone and texture on both the face and body.

Treatments are usually completed in less than 2 hours; 1 hour dedicated to application of a topical anesthetic and approximately 30 minutes for the therapeutic process. Patients report minimal discomfort during treatment and limited downtime, averaging 1-2 days.

These radiofrequency microneedling treatments are especially effective for treatment of lines around the mouth and eyes (crows feet), sun damage and post acne scarring / pigmentation.

Kamloops Skin Solutions offers the latest in safe and effective therapeutic applications to achieve your health and aesthetic goals. Under the direction of Dr. Maureen Leia-Stephen, it now also offers Secret RF radiofrequency microneedling.

According to Dr. Leia-Stephen, this unique equipment maximizes both service and results for her patients. “We see an increasing number of patients looking for ways to revitalize what aging and sun exposure has done to their skin. While their conditions are common, each patient is unique. Because this new microneedling equipment is so versatile and so precise, we can customize our dermal revitalization treatments to our patient’s unique concerns, events in their lives, time of year and budget.”

Secret RF Microneedling System – NEW at Kamloops Skin Solutions!