Benefits for your skin

As people age, the combination of repeated facial expressions together with progressive loss of collagen and elastin cause wrinkling of skin. The loss of collagen and elastin also changes the texture of the skin causing fine lines and “crepiness”.

We love that Botulinum Toxin, aka Botox, releases lines between brows, around the eyes and forehead. It elevates and restores the natural height of the brow.

The added benefit of Botox is that it has been documented in studies to promote the production of collagen and elastin, a pair of proteins that make younger skin tight, firm and flexible. In areas treated with Botox there is increased elasticity and pliability due to the change in composition. The effects last at least 16 weeks post injection.

This effect is similar to treating the skin with Thermage (radio frequency), which heats the dermis, stimulating collagen production.

To get the best cosmetic result, it should be done every three to five months for the first 12 to 18 months. Very few patients will achieve optimal results if it is only used once per year, especially for individuals older than 40. It’s best to start earlier to prevent those deep lines from forming and maintain that relaxation.

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