My Journey – SECRET RF Solution to Stretchmarks

Thank you to our client Megan for sharing her experience with SECRET RF.

As a mom of two beautiful young daughters, I was very excited about the opportunity to have the stretch marks on my abdomen treated using SECRET RF. My stretch marks are a result of my pregnancies. Prior to my first pregnancy, I already had some stretch marks on my lower back and knees as a result of a quick growth spurt when I was a young teenager. I knew I would likely develop stretch marks during pregnancy so I was diligent about applying bio-oil to my belly twice a day throughout both pregnancies. Although my diligence had possibly prevented the stretchmarks from being as severe as my mother’s were, in the end I still had stretch marks covering much of my abdomen.

I accept my stretch marks. However because I had made exercise and fitness a priority in my life, I will admit I was disappointed that I could not change the appearance of my stomach. It often derailed my motivation to remain focused on my core. The bumpy white stretch marks and loose skin were affecting my confidence especially when wearing a two-piece swimsuit.

I had no idea there was even a treatment option for stretch marks. Then I learned about SECRET RF at Kamloops Skin Solutions.

My experience receiving this treatment at Kamloops Skin Solutions was excellent. Dr. Leia-Stephen and Kairah both made me feel so comfortable. The office is warm and welcoming and they are so informative when I asked questions.

At the start of my treatment appointment, a topical anesthetic was applied to my abdomen. I got to sit for an hour in my comfy pants and read a book. An hour of down time was definitely welcomed in my life! Once the treatment began, it went by rather quickly and the ladies were very open and informative about what to expect next, the intensity and adjustments they were making during the treatment. It was not entirely painless but I can say it was quite bearable and well worth the short-term discomfort. As it was my first treatment, I had not taken any painkiller prior so I anticipate that if I take a Tylenol prior to my next treatment I will experience even less discomfort.

The first 24 hours after my first treatment I made a point of wearing clothing that was either loose or had a waistband that sat above or below my abdomen, just to prevent any unnecessary discomfort. My abdomen was feeling similar to how it feels with a mild sunburn. A feeling that faded as the days passed. I moisturized the area with shea butter a few times a day for the following week. The longest lasting effect of the treatment was patch-like markings that faded slowly during the weeks that followed.

It is now six weeks after my initial treatment and my stretch marks are definitely smoother to touch and there is an overall appearance of less loose skin. Any minor discomforts were well worth it. I will return for another treatment soon and I am very excited for the end result.

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