Retexturing Activator

SkinCeuticals – Advanced Professional Skincare


This unique hyaluronic acid serum is highly effective in promoting the skin’s natural exfoliation process while optimizing its amino acid supply to reinforce the external barrier. Potent without harsh side effects, Retexturing Activator is formulated in an efficient, oil-free delivery system suitable for all skin types.


25% Hydroxyethyl Urea/Aminosulfonic Acid Compound, Kombucha, Hyaluronic Acid

  1. Activates the skin's natural exfoliation process.
  2. Dramatically improves surface texture.
  3. Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  4. Hydrates and enhances skin radiance.
  5. Ideal for those who cannot tolerate alpha hydroxy acids and retinol.

Twice daily, apply 4-6 drops to the face, neck, and chest.